Agricultural Systems Technology Careers

Is Agricultural Systems Technology right for me?

Do you like to solve problems? Are you a hands-on kind of person?  Are you curious about how things work?  Do you have an interest in agriculture?  If so, you should consider the Agricultural Systems Technology (AST) major as you plan for college.

The future of agriculture depends on the next generation of professionals that can manage complex technological systems.   Creative and skilled individuals, like you, can use their knowledge of agriculture and life sciences, along with the problem-solving skills of technology, to manage the new systems and solutions for the 21st Century.  Agriculture is changing faster than any time in history. That’s why, if you are interested in helping manage the future of agriculture, an AST degree is what you need.

Agricultural engineering is a very diverse major.  Students who consider this major typically don’t picture themselves just working behind a desk; they are people who like hands-on problem solving and working with people. They like to work in teams to solve societal problems related to agriculture.  Agricultural systems technologists manage systems related to agricultural equipment, water quality and water management, biorenewables and biofuels, biological products, livestock facilities, food processing, and many other agricultural areas.

What kind of jobs can I get after college?

An AST degree is a valuable resource when it comes to starting your career.  The job opportunities are plentiful and diverse.  The placement rate of AST graduates from Iowa State is 100%.

Currently, the demand for AST’s is at an all time high. Leading agricultural firms, government agencies, and consulting agencies seek AST graduates.  An AST degree will open doors around the world in large corporations and small businesses, including careers in water quality, food processing, biorenewables, environmental systems, ag structures, erosion control, grain handling and processing, agricultural power and equipment testing and management, and more.

Starting salaries for Agricultural Systems Technology (AST) graduates range from $38,000 to $67,000 per year, depending on location, employer, type of job, and internship experience. AST graduates have among the highest average starting salaries of all ISU College of Agriculture graduates. Our placement rate is nearly 100%.

Recent AST Employers
Recent AST Careers