December 9, 2021

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Testing Chamber

Several parameters are being evaluated to assess system performance.  They include:

  • Fresh-air distribution
  • Airflow patterns
  • Temperature uniformity
  • Human and animal occupied zone airspeed levels
  • Set-point temperature maintenence
  • Ventilation rate as a funtion of static pressure difference
  • Energy consuption per CFM of system airflow
  • Controller performance

The ADL is housed in a post-frame building that is 40 ft wide by 64 ft long, witha 14 ft eave height.

Floor plan dimensions of the ADL

 The ADL is equipped with two 24 ft wide by 20 ft long regions, separated by a 2 ft hallway.  A full 8 ft ceiling height with a 2ft space below plastic perforated flooring exists to test under-floor ventilation efficiency.  Eave and gable vents are provided for fresh air intake.


ADL cross section view