Engineering or Technology?


The undergraduate ENGINEERING programs at ISU:

  • Begin with an emphasis on calculus and calculus based sciences
  • Have engineering courses later in the curricula that build on the calculus/sciences base
  • Integrate design and applications into engineering lecture and laboratory course work
  • Have a stronger emphasis on theory and engineering design
  • Culminate in a major senior design experience

Besides Agricultural Engineering and Biological Systems Engineering, there are many other engineering undergraduate degree programs at Iowa State.

The undergraduate TECHNOLOGY programs at ISU:

  • Appeal to the student who learns best in an experientially based (hands-on) environment
  • Introduce and integrate math and sciences as needed in the curricula
  • Contains departmental technology courses that are available every semester
  • Has a moderate emphasis on theory and design processes
  • Have an intensive laboratory and applications focus
  • Culminate in a senior level  project experience

There are four technology undergraduate degree program options at Iowa State: