Functional Analysis of Soil, Crop, and Machine System (ABE 340)

Principles of machine systems operation (tillage, crop establishment, harvesting and crop protection). Principles of soil and crop interactions with machine systems. Experimental and simulation techniques for testing and evaluation of agricultural field machinery for equipment performance, functional analysis and crop production management.


Agricultural Machinery and Power Management (TSM 330)

Selection, sizing, and operational principles of tractors and machinery systems. Cost analysis and computer techniques applied to planning and management of agricultural machine systems. Principles, operation, and application of agricultural machinery.


Modeling and Simulation of Soil-Crop-Machine Systems (A B E 440X & 540X)

Principles of soil and crop material characterization, constitutive relationships for modeling soil and crop material behaviors, and applied computational and experimental methods for soil-crop-machine interactions for design and evaluation of off-road machine systems.