About US

We are a dedicated team working towards a common goal of improving water quality in Iowa and beyond! Dr. Michelle Soupir’s research program is focused on soil and water quality, nonpoint source pollution control, watershed management, and water quality monitoring.

Our ongoing research includes lab-scale through field-scale studies to examine the occurrence, fate, and transport of nutrients, pathogens and pathogen indicators, and contaminants of emerging environmental concern (CoEECs) such as antibiotics and antibiotic resistant microbes in surface and groundwater systems. Findings from our work has implications to improve the Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) development and implementation process, identify the impact of landuse practices on water quality, and develop management practices to reduce pollutant transport.

Join the Group

The WQRL welcomes students with a variety of backgrounds and academic interests, including agricultural engineering, biological systems engineering, civil engineering, environmental science, agronomy, ecology, microbiology, and chemistry. There are multiple paths to join the WQRL team:

Full assistantships may be available for well qualified M.S. and Ph.D. students interested in joining our research team. Follow the specific program links above for information about the programs and admission process. When applying to the ABE or Environmental Science graduate program, please send your resume and a short paragraph about your research interests to Dr. Michelle Soupir (msoupir@iastate.edu).