Student Organizations

Students grow professionally and personally by participating in departmental student organizations (clubs).  They gain leadership skills and develop workplace competencies necessary for professional success.

ABE Student Clubs and Officers

Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Graduate Organization (ABEGO)
Faculty Advisors:  Stuart  BirrellSteve Freeman
President: Maurice Washington
Vice President: Elizabeth Luby
Treasurer: Kendra Allen
Senate Representative: Rashid Suleiman

Agricultural Systems Technology (AST)
Faculty Advisors:  Matt DarrJustin McGill
President:  Trevor Stevenson
Vice President: Andrew McCarthy
Secretary:  Eric Thomas
Treasurer:  Colin Connor
CALS Rep:  Jacob Parle and Kyle Bell
ASABE Rep:  Andrew Sauerbrei
Special Projects:  Ben Smith, Cody Reinsel, and Nick Hoefler
Refreshments Chair: Zach Ross
Webmaster: Rick Hopper

Alpha Epsilon Honorary
Faculty Advisor:  Carl Bern
President:  Rachel Bearden
Vice President:  Nick Schrader
Secretary/Treasurer:  Alexander Martin

American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE)
Faculty Advisor:  Dan Andersen, Norman Muzzy
President:  Nick Schrader
Vice President:  Alex Kubik
Secretary:  Dallas Boehne
Treasurer:  Colton Finley
AEM Historian: Rene Schmidt
Ag-Council Rep:  Eli Kautz
E-Council Rep:  Quenton Schneider
Sergeant In Arms:  Bailey Griffin
Grillmaster:  Phil Brotherton
Webmaster:  Tate Klocke


American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE)
Faculty Advisors:  Nir KerenSteve Freeman
President: Jacob Weis
Vice President: Webster Kpor
Treasurer: Jeremy Tjardes
Secretary: Chandler Bane

Biological Systems Engineering Club (BSE)
Faculty Advisor: Kurt Rosentrater, Raj Raman
President: Paige Kupfer
Vice President: Maggie Schildgen
Secretary: Dillan Glock
Treasurer: Caitlin Gearhart
Event Chairs: Ashyln Milbrath and Nicki Milius
Webmaster: Sean Gilbert

Cyclone Power Pullers – ASABE 1/4 Scale Tractor Design Competition
Faculty Advisor: Lloyd Snell, Norman Muzzy, Stuart Birrell
President: Eli Peterson
Vice President:  Clayton Hamilton
Secretary/Treasurer: Quenton Schneider
A-Team Leader: Dan Killpack
Webmaster: Lainey Beeftink
X Team Leader: Sylvia Farley

Epsilon Pi Tau (EPT) Honorary
Trustee: Charles Schwab
Co-Trustees: Steve FreemanTom Brumm
President:  Sara Henderson
Vice President:  Timothy Buffington
Treasurer: Dr. LeQuetia Ancar

Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) -
Faculty Advisor:  Lloyd Snell
President:  Nick Lewis
Vice President: Matt Tunnicliffe
Vice President Recruiting:  Khalid Taha
Vice President Programming:  Beau Enochson
Treasurer:  Becker Lubben