Graduate Financial Aid

All qualified applicants will be considered for assistantships, scholarships, and fellowships. However, a limited number of fellowships are available, and early applications will be preferred.

Financial Aid Overview

Master’s applicants will be considered for

Doctoral applicants will be considered for

Students on academic probation (does not maintain a cumulative 3.00 grade point average) will not normally receive a tuition scholarship if appointed to an assistantship. Refer to the Graduate College handbook for more information.

ISU Scholarships and Fellowships

Departmental Fellowships

Identifying Faculty

To help ensure the success of our graduate students, the agricultural and biosystems engineering graduate program generally does not offer admission unless funding to support your research is available or anticipated.

You are urged to contact faculty members who conduct research in your anticipated area of specialization to discuss the potential for project funding before you submit your application to the Graduate College.

Identify faculty members in agricultural and biosystems engineering with research interests similar to yours.

Once you have identified one or more potential faculty members to contact, send each a brief (1-page maximum) email message with the following summary information:

  • paragraph indicating your specific area of interest and your reason for selecting this area
  • summary of your academic degrees, institution granting the degrees, dates of graduation, grade point average for each degree, and GRE scores (if degrees are not from a U.S. institution), TOEFL scores (if your native language is not English)
  • semester and year when you plan to begin your studies
  • whether you need an assistantship have personal funding to support you during your study