Graduate Programs

The Agricultural and Biological Engineering Department (ABE) at Iowa State University is internationally acclaimed for tackling critical global issues related to foodenergywater, the environment, and health. Our graduates play a vital role in safeguarding and improving the earth, its resources, and its people. Here in ABE, you’ll have the opportunity to engage in exciting projects, applying innovative solutions, and contributing to meaningful advancements. We offer two graduate degree programs: (1) Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering and (2) Industrial and Agricultural Technology.

Concurrent Degrees

The concurrent BS/MS programs allows undergraduate seniors to:
Take graduate courses in their field of study.
Become eligible for a research assistantship as a senior.
Complete a MS degree (with thesis) within 18 months.


To learn more about our department’s graduate programs, email

Or contact Kris Bell,, 515-294-1033.