Industrial and Agricultural Technology Graduate Program

students work in industrial technology laboratory

Industrial and Agricultural Technology is a MS and PhD graduate program that focuses on technology systems for industry, agricultural, and public sectors.  The PhD program focuses on preparing the next generation of faculty for a broad sector of technology related disciplines. Join our internationally-renowned faculty in fundamental and applied research in the following areas:

  • Manufacturing Technology
  • Occupational Safety
  • Industrial Systems Management
  • Agricultural Systems Technology
  • Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Graduate Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of their graduate degree, all students should have an ability to:

  • Solve problems and think critically about their focus area
  • Analyze and interpret data
  • Communicate effectively

PhD students should also have:

  • An ability to design and conduct independent research that informs decision making
  • A deep and robust understanding of the relevant literature and problems related to their research

Program of Study

The graduate courses are called technology systems management (TSM). Read TSM graduate course descriptions.

Get Paid to Learn

The ABE Department offers research assistantships with competitive stipends. Please read below about contacting faculty with research interests similar to yours.

PhD students receive a full tuition scholarship, and master’s students receive a 50 percent tuition scholarship. Find out more about tuition and fees.

Scholarships and fellowships are also available.

Admission to Graduate Study

The Graduate Admissions Office handles all admissions to Iowa State University graduate programs. Graduate information is available from the ABE Admissions page.


To learn more about our department’s graduate programs, email

Or contact Kris Bell,, 515-294-1033.