Reporting accidents and injuries

All accidents and injuries must be reported even if medical attention was not required. Further information on reporting accidents is available here

5-item inventory for lab/shop safety

Follow the five steps listed below to identify and implement safe operations in departmental labs and shops.

  1. Write and communicate Safety Operating Procedures. See templates here
  2. Lab Safety Manual:
    • Become familiar with ISU’s Lab Safety Manual and act upon the practices specified in the manual. The manual is available here
    • Write, publish, and communicate Emergency Action Plan
  3. Training Needs:
  4. Coordinate lab/shop safety audits with EH&S personnel (Paul Richmond); implement the recommendations adequately.
  5. If labs and shops are likely to be overcrowded, coordinate a conference with EH&S to determine maximum occupancy, and integrate this information into the Safety Operating Procedures.

Safety Rules Poster

Posting safety poster in a visible location next to the entrance to a lab or shop will provide safety critical information. Click the image below to download an editable PDF file for the poster.

safety rules poster


Shop Safety fundamental training module is live! Click here for more information.

“The Global Harmonization System (GHS) has changed OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard.
The EH&S department will provide a review on how these changes in labeling and documentation affect your operation.
Register online at

– Click on Training
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