The Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering has four concurrent Bachelor of Science /Master of Science (BS/MS) programs designed especially for departmental seniors who wish to pursue advanced studies. Concurrent BS/MS programs are: agricultural engineering (BS) with agricultural and biosystems engineering (MS); biological systems engineering (BS) with agricultural and biosystems engineering (MS); agricultural systems technology (BS) with industrial and agricultural technology (MS); and industrial technology (BS) with industrial and agricultural technology (MS).

The concurrent BS/MS program allows seniors to:

  • Take graduate courses in their field of study
  • Become eligible for a research assistantship during their senior year
  • Complete an MS degree (with thesis) within 18 months of BS graduation


To be eligible for application, a student must meet the following criteria:

  • Minimum GPA of 3.2/4.00 required for BS/MS in Agricultural Engineering/Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering and BS/MS in Biological Systems Engineering/Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0/4.00 (3.2 two semesters prior) required for BS/MS in Agricultural Systems Technology/Industrial and Agricultural Technology and Industrial Technology/Industrial and Agricultural Technology
  • Be within two semesters of graduation
  • Be able to satisfy all graduation requirements for the B.S. with 24 credit hours remaining in the program of study


Students interested in a concurrent program should identify their potential area of graduate research before the end of their junior year. To accomplish this, students are encouraged to contact faculty members throughout the ABE Department to discuss the concurrent BS/MS program and to learn more about ongoing research efforts. Once a student has selected a research area, she or he selects a major professor and begins the admission process.


Admission criteria are similar to those used for all graduate students in the Department. Qualifying students must complete the Concurrent Enrollment Request Form.

Applications to a BS/MS program will be reviewed by the department’s graduate program committee. Those admitted to the program must establish a Program of Study (POS) committee and submit their program of study form for approval by the end of their second semester following admission.

Research Assistantship

Qualified students in a BS/MS program are eligible to receive a quarter or half-time research assistantship during their senior year. Most assistantships are contingent on the availability of research project funding, so students seeking financial support through research assistantships are advised to visit with departmental faculty regarding the potential for funded research in their area of interest.

Tuition & Fees

Students who are not citizens of Iowa but who qualify for and are granted a research assistantship (RA), will pay reduced “in-state” graduate tuition. Those receiving research assistantships also benefit from the graduate tuition scholarship available to graduate students on assistantships.

Students in the BS/MS program are considered graduate students by the university. This may affect scholarships and other financial aid. Students are encouraged to discuss their circumstances with the Office of Student Financial Aid to understand what impacts the concurrent program might have on their aid.

Graduate Coursework

To qualify for a Master of Science degree, all graduate work must be in accordance with guidelines given in the current issue of the Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Department Graduate Student Handbook.