You need a strong social and academic environment for you to succeed as an incoming student.  The ABE Learning Communities do just that. For more information, contact an ABE advisor.

ABE Learning Communities

A learning community is a group of students who take classes together. You will meet regularly with older students (juniors and seniors) in the department called peer mentors – they’ll help you “learn the ropes.”

In our learning community, you will:

  • make friends with other students in the department
  • take classes with other students in your major
  • take “linked” classes – classes outside of your major that link content to classes within your major
  • form study groups
  • get advice from peer mentors

We have two learning communities: one for students in agricultural engineering (AE Learning Community) and another for the technology students in agricultural systems technology and industrial technology (Technology Learning Community or TLC).

How do I join?

You’re automatically part of the learning community by simply enrolling in the department. You’ll meet with your advisor at Orientation to sign up for the learning community courses.

ABE Living Community

Students in the learning community can also choose to live in the same residence floor in Maple Hall. In the living community, you can

  • meet with a resident peer mentor
  • join study groups in your residence hall
  • play on ABE living community intramural athletic teams
  • participate in ABE living community social activities

Female students are encouraged to join the WISE living communities.

Maple Hall

Maple Hall is a modern smoke- and alcohol-free residence hall that have recently been renovated.

All ISU residence halls have high-speed internet access in each room.

Maple Hall has many advantages for living community members:

  • computer and study rooms on each floor
  • semi-private bathrooms
  • individual room sinks
  • full kitchen on each floor
  • lofts, desks, wardrobes, and filing cabinets provided in each room


Compare prices for the residence halls.

How do I join?

First, accept your offer of admission and declare one of the majors in the ABE Department (agricultural engineering, agricultural systems technology, biological systems engineering, or industrial technology).  This automatically makes you part of one of the ABE Learning Communities.

If you’re interested in the ABE Living Community, sign up through the Department of Residence by completing the housing contract online using AccessPlus.