Agricultural Systems Technology

The Agricultural Systems Technology Profession

Be it off-road equipment, agricultural machinery, food and grain processing, water quality, biofuels production, precision agriculture, or livestock production systems, an ag system technologist works to see how the individual pieces fit into the “big picture” of sustainability, conservation, and profitability.

Agricultural Systems Technology (AST) graduates can find rewarding careers in a variety of agricultural and environmental businesses.  They focus on managing, using, and troubleshooting technology (instead of engineering design) by applying their knowledge of technology, agriculture, and processing systems. Check out some of the companies that have hired our graduates.

This hands-on curriculum in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences teaches students to manage machines and equipment, biological processes, computers and other technologies to create new and improved agricultural systems for the future.

Agricultural Systems Technology Courses and Degree Planning

Agricultural Systems Technology Minor

An Agricultural Systems Technology Minor is also available.

Option Areas of Study

  • Agricultural and Biosystems Management: You acquire skills to manage and solve problems for a wide variety of agricultural systems. You’ll get a broad foundation in the technology of machine systems, soil and water conservation, precision agriculture, biorenewables, and animal production systems. With business management and a focus of your choice, you’ll be set for a rewarding career.
  • Machine Systems:You are challenged to understand, manage, and solve problems for the next generation of off-road vehicles and agricultural equipment. You’ll get a solid grounding in machinery systems, safety, and manufacturing processes, setting you up for success in a number of machine and equipment related industries.

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