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Want to make a difference — a really big difference? Then work with the latest in growing areas like Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, automation, electronics, computer numerical control (CNC), or safety management, loss prevention and industrial hygiene. Develop technical, supervisory and management skills in technical settings. Study manufacturing, occupational safety, and related technologies that enable advanced, globally competitive production. Develop theoretical and hands-on technology skills via classroom and laboratory experiences.

  • Starting salary range $46,000 to $85,000
  • Nearly 100% job placement (Check out employers that are hiring our recent grads!)
  • Fast career growth
  • Math 145 and 151 or Math 165 is the highest math requirement
  • Hands-on problem solving
  • Manage the future of your career in industry
  • Enjoy study abroad programs
  • Feel great about your professors

Option Areas of Study

  • Biological and Biomanufacturing Systems Technology
    Manage people, instruments, projects and processes in bio-based industries such as breweries, distilleries, biofuels, biochemicals, bioproducts, bioplastics, grain, feed, seed, food, or healthcare, using principles of manufacturing, instrumentation, chemistry, and microbiology. 
  • Manufacturing
    Applies manufacturing and management principles to plan and coordinate materials, machines, methods, and human resources in a manufacturing environment. Enjoy a career that emphasizes hands-on practical problem solving abilities to create products and profits.
  • Occupational Safety
    Enjoy a career in a management position with a goal to strengthen your company. Improve the optimum safety effectiveness by developing, coordinating, and evaluating safety issues.  Safety is evaluated in several areas involving people, materials, equipment, methods, and environments.
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