Undergraduate Programs

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Engineering Majors

Emphasis on theory and engineering design learning environments.

Technology Majors

Emphasis on experientially-based (hands-on) learning environments.

Engineering or Technology?

The undergraduate ENGINEERING programs:

  • Begin with an emphasis on calculus and calculus based sciences
  • Have engineering courses later in the curricula that build on the calculus/sciences base
  • Integrate design and applications into engineering lecture and laboratory course work
  • Have a stronger emphasis on theory and engineering design
  • Culminate in a major senior design experience

Curricula offers flexibility so that students can customize their studies to suit their career and research interests – there are three options in agricultural engineering (A E) and four in biological systems engineering (BSE). Both AE and BSE students can take the fundamentals of engineering (FE) exam as a first step on their way to becoming licensed professional engineers. Engineering programs are ABET accredited.

The undergraduate TECHNOLOGY programs:

  • Appeal to the student who learns best in an experientially based (hands-on) environment
  • Introduce and integrate math and sciences as needed in the curricula
  • Contains departmental technology courses that are available every semester
  • Has a moderate emphasis on theory and design processes
  • Have an intensive laboratory and applications focus
  • Culminate in a senior level project experience

Technology students are required to do internships prior to graduation, and rate these experiences among the most useful parts of their overall educational experience. Students also participate in a required two-semester, 6-credit capstone project experience, allowing students to dive into the details of an industrially-relevant project. Technology programs are accredited by Association of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering (ATMAE).

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