To obtain an undergraduate minor in Industrial Technology (ITec), you must complete a minimum of 15 credits of TSM (Technology Systems Management) classes that must include:

  • TSM 115 (3 credits) F.S. Solving Technology Problems
  • TSM 210 (3 credits) F.S. Fundamentals of Technology
  • At least nine (9) additional credits from:
    • TSM 216 (2 credits) F.S. Advanced Technical Graphics, Interpretation, and CAD
    • TSM 240 (3 credits) F.S. Introduction to Manufacturing Processes
    • TSM 270 (3 credits) F. Principles of Injury Prevention
    • TSM 310 (3 credits) F.S. Total Quality Improvement
    • TSM 337 (3 credits) F.S. Fluid Power Systems Technology
    • TSM 340 (3 credits) F.S. Advanced Automated Manufacturing Processes
    • TSM 363 (4 credits) F.S. Electric Power and Electronics for Agriculture and Industry
    • TSM 370 (3 credits) F.S. Occupational Safety
    • TSM 371 (2 credits) S. Occupational Safety Management
    • TSM 372 (2 credits) F. Legal Aspects of Occupational Safety and Health
    • TSM 376 (3 credits) F. Fire Protection and Prevention
    • TSM 440 (3 credits) F.S. Cellular Lean Manufacturing Systems
    • TSM 443 (3 credits) F.S. Statics and Strength of Materials for Technology
    • TSM 444 (3 credits) F. Facility Planning
    • TSM 465 (3 credits) S. Automation Systems
    • TSM 470 (3 credits) S. Industrial Hygiene: Physical, Chemical, and Biological Hazards
    • TSM 471 (1 credit) S. Safety Laboratory
    • TSM 477 (3 credits) F. Risk Analysis and Management
  • At least six (6) credits of 300-level or higher TSM classes (from the courses listed above)
  • At least nine (9) credits that are not used to meet any other department, college, or university requirement.

Link to the ITec minor in the ISU Catalog:

*Approved by the ABE Technology Curriculum Committee on 01/09/2018

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