Peer mentors are integral to the success of the ABE Learning Communities.  Peer mentors are upper division students from the major (AE, AST, BSE or ITec).  Their experience and guidance is invaluable to our students.  Our peer mentors:

  • Assist in the ABE learning community courses, helping students learn and complete class activities
  • Organizing study groups, social events, and out-of class activities.
  • Serve as guides and advisors, helping whenever appropriate or referring students to appropriate campus resources
  • Act a role models for students new to Iowa State

Benefits for Peer Mentors

  • Being an ABE Peer Mentor develops leadership skills needed to be a successful practicing professional.
  • “ABE Peer Mentor” looks great on a resume.
  • ABE Peer Mentors get paid for the time they spend mentoring.

Peer Mentor – Exemplary Mentors Awards Program

The exemplary awards program at Iowa State recognizes and encourages outstanding achievement by peer mentors working with learning community students.  Nearly 50% of all peer mentors recognized by Iowa State were peer mentors for the ABE Learning Communities.  Our peer mentors are the best!

How to become an ABE Peer Mentor

We are always looking for ABE students to serve as peer mentors. For more information contact an ABE advisor.

Learning Community Peer Mentors – NOW HIRING

We are always looking for peer mentors. Applications are due by April 1st for the fall and November 1st for spring.

Make room in your class schedule to attend (but not register for) TSM 110 (section A or B) or ENGR 101 (section 4 or 5) in the fall and/or TSM 111 (section A or B) or AE/BSE 110 (section A, B, or C) in the spring.