Welcome to the Iowa State University Extension’s Safe Farm home page. From here you will find information about:

  • Farm Safety Day Camps,
    Look here to find more about farm safety day camps scheduled in Iowa and the nation. You’ll see a list of county extension offices participating in a day camp this year, who to contact, and the date and location of the camp.
  • Tractor and Machinery Certification,
    Youths aged 14 to 16 years must be certified to operate farm machinery other than for their parents. ISU Extension hosts certification classes from time to time. See if one is scheduled in your area.
  • Tractor and Machinery Virtual Classroom
    The tractor and machinery virtual classroom is a web-based curriculum designed to enhance and supplement traditional tractor and machinery certification programs by overcoming some of the barriers in traditional delivery methods.
  • Safety Training Instruction and Research Center
    A national resource for environmental, safety, and health information. Providing training; outreach and education; and encouraging continual process and human performance improvement in the workplace.
  • Evaluation of Occupational Carrying Tasks for Farm Youth
    This three year project supported by Cooperative Agreement Number RO1-OH04192 from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will investigate potential risk factors for farm children performing occupational carrying tasks to make recommendations regarding the loading (unilateral vs. bilateral) and the container size used for performing these tasks.
  • Farm Safety Publications
    A list of Safe Farm publications, an ISU series on one-page fact sheets that each have a quiz, explanation of a common farm hazard and tips on how to be safe. To see a printable version, click here. To see a text-only version that is fully searchable, go to this page.
  • Farm Safety Displays
    See several farm safety displays and demonstrations available from county or area extension offices. You will find a short description of each display and how to reserve it.
  • Farm & Ranch eXtension in Safety & Health (FReSH)Answers to farm safety and health questions, case studies, and a calendar of safety events are available at FReSH. eXtension is an educational partnership of 74 universities that provide on-line access to objective research-based information and education.
  • The Iowa Farm Safety Council
    Find out more about this not-for-profit organization whose members include farm operators, industry leaders, insurance and health care providers, and safety educators.