Certificate in Occupational Safety

Every manager in every industry has occupational safety responsibilities.  The objective of this certificate program is to prepare technically-oriented managers to meet their professional safety responsibilities.

This Certificate in Occupational Safety is designed to meet the needs of the vast majority of students who will find themselves with management responsibilities (including safety), but are not planning on careers as safety professionals.

The Occupational Safety Certificate will provide current employees who have management and/or safety responsibilities (and a baccalaureate degree) with desired professional development and recognition of their increased professional knowledge and skills.


Students will complete the following 14 credits of core courses:

  • TSM 270 (3cr) Fall/Spring Principles of Injury Prevention
  • TSM 370 (3cr) Fall/Spring Occupational Safety
  • TSM 371 (2cr) Spring Occupational Safety Management
  • TSM 372 (2cr) Fall Legal Aspects of Occupational Safety and Health
  • TSM 470 (3cr) Spring Industrial Hygiene: Physical, Chemical, and Biological Hazards
  • TSM 493D (1cr)* Workshop in Technology (Occupational Safety) – Provides the opportunity for students to document that they have met all the occupational safety competencies required to receive the Certificate in Occupational Safety from Iowa State University. Thus, this class needs to be the last class taken towards completion of the Occupational Safety Certificate.

The remaining six credits will be selected from this list:

  • TSM 376 (3cr) Fall Fire Protection and Prevention
  • TSM 471 (1cr) Spring Safety Laboratory
  • TSM 477 (3cr) Fall Risk Analysis and Management
  • H S 105 (2cr) Both First Aid and Emergency Care
  • H S 110 (3cr) Both Personal and Consumer Health
  • H S 305 (2cr) Spring Instructor’s First Aid and Cardio-pulmonary Resuscitation
  • I E 271 (3cr) Spring Applied Ergonomics and Work Design

available via the web as a distance education course.
– TSM 270, 371, 370, 372, 393F, 470, 493D, 376

(*TSM 493D is required to be the last class you take towards completion of your Occupational Safety Certificate.  It can be taken concurrently with other safety certificate courses, if you will complete all certificate courses the same semester.)

Additional requirements:

  • 12 credits must be taken at Iowa State University.
  • A minimum of 9 credits applied towards the certificate cannot be used to meet any other departmental, college, or university requirement.
  • Courses taken for the certificate cannot be taken pass not pass.
  • A grade of a 2.0 or better is required in each individual course applied towards the certificate.
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