Iowa and the Midwest are one of the densest feed production and grain processing regions in the world. Feed technology (grain handling and storage, feed formulation, feed manufacturing, biosecurity, feed safety, and novel ingredients processing) is a critical component to the success of these industries.

New technologies and more stringent requirements and regulations in the feed industry have increased the need for a capable and knowledgeable workforce with practical and transferable skills. The U.S. feed industry is facing a major shortage of qualified technical talent. This minor provides students with the skills, knowledge and abilities to be successful in the feed manufacturing industry or enable them to interact with the feed industry as part of their careers in grain and livestock production.


  • Be able to identify, explain and select methods of laboratory analyses of feeds and feed nutrients.
  • Understand the knowledge, techniques, skills, and tools related to grain quality, handling, and drying.
  • Be able to appropriately balance rations for livestock, poultry and companion animals within the limits of preparation, transport, storage, feeding, and economic feasibility.
  • Understand the principles of design and operation of contemporary feed manufacturing equipment, including equipment maintenance and trouble-shooting.
  • Understand feed mill operations management as it pertains to feed quality and safety, worker safety, and profitability.
  • Be able to identify chemical, biological, and physical hazards in grain and feed and their associated risks, along with practical ways to monitor, manage, and mitigate hazards in grain handling and feed manufacturing facilities.
  • Be familiar with the importance, scope, and trends of the global animal feed industry.

Courses (15 credits required)

  • ABE 469: Grain Processing and Handling (3 cr.); or TSM 322: Preservation of Grain Quality (3 cr.)
  • TSM 455: Feed Processing and Technology (3 cr.)
  • TSM 457: Feed Safety, Ingredient Quality and Analytics (3 cr.)
  • AN S 320: Animal Feeds and Feeding (3 cr.); or AN S 219X: Survey of Animal Nutrition (3 cr.)
  • AN S 324: Food Processing for Companion Animals (3 cr.)

Other information


Dr. Tom Brumm, Mary & Charles Sukup Global Professor in Food Security
Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
4335 Elings Hall