Engineering Internships

Engineering (AE & BSE) Internship Coordinator

Lindsay Frueh, Academc Adviser, 1330B Elings Hall (515)294-5189,

Internship and Co-op Information

Prior to the beginning a co-op/intern work period, students must register for a special no credit course (AE 298, AE 397, AE 398, or AE 498).  These courses are a part of a student’s permanent record. Students must obtain approval of the Departmental Co-op/Intern Coordinator before being allowed to sign up for any one of these four courses.

Near the end of the semester in which they interview, the co-op/intern candidates complete a questionnaire indicating their employment status.

Those accepting an offer complete a work/study schedule form indicating when they will be in school and when on a co-op/intern assignment. This information is maintained by the Engineering Career Services Office, with a copy sent to the co-op/intern Coordinator.

Prior to leaving ISU for a co-op/intern work period, students provide the Engineering Career Services Office with their off-campus address, phone number, and the company co-op coordinator’s name and address.

Following each work period, employers evaluate each student and discuss the evaluation with the student. A copy of the evaluation is sent to the Engineering Career Services Office, which forwards a copy to the Departmental Co-op/Intern Coordinator.

Students also complete an evaluation of their work assignment at the end of each work session. This evaluation is submitted to Department Coordinator for review.

Engineering Career Services