Internship and co-op information

Each industrial technology (ITec) and agricultural systems technology (AST) student is required to complete an internship along with two corresponding courses, TSM 397 and TSM 399, in an area that complements their chosen option within their major.
This work experience (TSM 397) requires:

  • at least 400 hours of employment (full time during the summer, fall, or spring semester)
  • a position that must include more than manual labor
  • a one page profile of your work experience
  • a midterm check-in
  • evaluations from both the supervisor and the student

Internship eligibility

You must be either:

  • A junior (60 credits) or senior (90 credits) in good academic standing (not on academic probation)
  • A sophomore with a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.5

Registering for an internship

Contact your academic advisor for approval of your particular internship experience, and complete the following paperwork:

Forms for AST and ITec students

Please submit completed paperwork and a copy of your job duties to your advisor no later than the deadline listed directly below. Incomplete submissions are not accepted. Both forms must be submitted together.

Important deadlines for complete enrollment paperwork submission

Summer Internship – April 22nd
Fall Internship – April 22nd
Spring Internship – December 3rd

Academic internship credit

  1. Register for TSM 397 (R credit, no tuition) for the period of your internship.  Complete the enrollment paperwork and submit it to the Technology Internship Coordinator to register for this course, as you cannot enroll via Access+.  You must meet the internship eligibility standards listed above.
  2. In the semester immediately following your internship, you will take TSM 399 (2 credits). The Internship Coordinator will automatically register you for this course upon successful completion of TSM 397.