Animal Production Systems Engineering

ISU_Engineering_May-043Welcome to the website of ABE’s Animal Production System Engineering focus area. We devote our work toward a) ensuring sustainable development of livestock and poultry industries and economic prosperity at state, national and global levels; and b) improving quality of life for the rural communities. We strive to serve our stakeholders through student learning, mission-oriented research, and extension/professional services. Currently, our research and extension programs focus on air quality issues related to animal production, animal behavior and welfare, animal housing and environment control, and animal manure/nutrient management.


Dan AndersenDaniel Andersen
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Hongwei XinHongwei Xin

Research and Extension Laboratories

Air Dispersion Laboratory
Atmospheric Air Quality Laboratory
Olfactometry Laboratory
Agricultural Waste Management Laboratory
Hoop Structures for Livestock
Livestock & Poultry Systems

Graduate Courses

Instrumentation for Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
Integrated Crop and Livestock Production Systems
Air Pollution
Design of Environmental Modification Systems for Animal Housing
Design of Agricultural Structures