Land and Water Resources Engineering

Water and Environmental Stewardship

2014_ISU_Engineering_552Welcome to the web pages of ABE’s Land and Water Resources Engineering focus area. We work to develop engineered solutions and best management practices that protect and conserve the soil and water resources of Iowa, our nation, and the world.

We teach, conduct research and provide extension services on topics such as water quality and pollution control, hydrology and drainage, and remote sensing and modeling.

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Research and Extension Laboratories

Agricultural Drainage Research Group
Genomics and Enviromental Research in Microbial Systems (GERMS) Lab
ABE/Agronomy Research Farm
Water Quality Research Laboratory (WQRL)
Swine Mortality Composting
Cattle Mortality Composting

Graduate Courses

Soil and Water Conservation Systems (Every Fall)
Soil and Water Monitoring Systems (Alt Spring)
Nonpoint Source Pollution (Alt Spring)
Erosion and Sedimentation (Alt Fall)
TMDL Development and Implementation (Alt Fall)