Undergraduate Students

Why should you choose ABE?

There are plenty of good reasons!

Not sure which major in our department is right for you? Learn more about careers in agricultural engineering, agricultural systems technology, biological systems engineering, and industrial technology!  Visit with an ABE academic adviser more for information.

To schedule an appointment, contact Elaine Phompheng at 515-294-9449 or elaine@iastate.edu, or stop by our student services suite at 1320 Elings Hall.  You can also schedule online through AccessPlus.

Lindsay Frueh, AE/BSE Adviser, lindsay@iastate.edu

Ben McCarty, AE/BSE Adviser, bmccarty@iastate.edu

Tamara Kerns, ITec Adviser, tkerns@iastate.edu

Ashtyn Beek, AST Adviser, beek@iastate.edu

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