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Looking for a great place to study? Our graduates safeguard and improve the earth, its resources and its people. Ignite your future here in ABE and design projects, apply solutions and more.

Whether you become an agricultural engineer, a biological systems engineer, an agricultural system technologist or an industrial technologist, you’ll find an exciting career in which you can make a difference.  The subjects we cover are diverse, but they all come together in designing and/or managing 21st century technology systems that impact peoples lives.

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Our Areas of Expertise

students working with field robot in large work bay

Advanced Machinery Engineering and Manufacturing Systems

Digital Agriculture, Hydraulics and Fluid Power, Robotics, Advanced Manufacturing, Precision Agriculture

student imaging chicken production

Animal Production Systems Engineering

Animal Housing and Environmental Control, Precision Livestock Technologies, and Manure Management

students working in processing lab

Biological and Process Engineering and Technology

Biomass, Biofuels, Bioprocessing, Food Engineering, Grain Operations, Feed Technology, and Quality Management

students doing water test with dye

Land and Water Resources Engineering

Soil and Water Conservation, Water Quality, Environmental Microbial Systems, GIS and Modeling, Ecological Engineering

environmental health and safety test

Occupational Safety Engineering

Risk Analysis and Management, Agricultural Safety, and Injury and Loss Prevention

Which program is right for you?

Engineering Programs

Emphasis on theory and engineering design learning environments.


Technology Programs

Emphasis on experientially-based (hands-on) learning environments.